Show Weekend!

Show set up Thursday morning.
So happy to see this girl. Love her to bits. Aidan Darby-Miller photo
Fly Fusion and IF4 booths.
The Western Canadian Fly Fishing Expo is over, and I can't quite believe it. It was a fantastic show, with attendance at an all time high. The chaos started Thursday morning at Spruce Meadows with the show set up. I showed up early to help with the overall set up, and then helped Josh with the Out Fly Fishing outfitters and Echo booths. Before heading over to IF4, Josh, Stevie, Nick and I stopped at the river to test cast a few rods. We had a spectacular turnout at IF4, and we premiered the most recent addition to the IF4 line up - Sheebang - which was very well received. Afterwords we headed out for a few drinks, and even though Puj couldn't come out to Calgary, he was still there in some capacity.
Stevie and Josh testing spey rods.
We missed you Puj!!
Ryan and Chris in the M&Y booth.

Patagonia....love it.

Stevie working hard at the Echo booth.

Out Fly Fishing outfitters booth. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!
Friday, Saturday and Sunday were a blur of new faces and old friends, seminars, presentations, casting, dinners and late nights. Our booths were all busy as good be, and show attendees were happy to stop and say hi, ask questions and take information. We were thrilled that the Expo silent auction raised over $5000 for Food for the Hungry Canada, and their clean water project in Guatemala. I want to personally thank all of the exhibitors I called to harass for donations for their incredible generosity.
The morning commute to Spruce Meadows.

Ape presenting at the casting pond.

Tying flies. Diane Michelin photo

Late night dinner and hockey with great friends.
I was able to crank out a few flies at the OFF booth, and traded a couple for one of Diane Michelin's amazing prints. It was a privilege to meet such an amazing woman, finally. Her artwork is absolutely outstanding - check it out here: Diane Michelin; Fly Fishing Fine Art. Naoto took a set of flies home to photograph, a new pattern I'm calling Candy Stripe. Take a look at them here: Naoto Aoki Photography. While you're at it, flip through his albums, I've been a fan of his photography for years.
The first tie of the Candy Stripe.

My beautiful print by Diane Michelin.

The flies for Diane.
Sunday came way too fast, and we ended the weekend by dancing the night away in downtown Calgary. It was so great to see some good friends again, including my amazing April, Nick Laferriere (another amazing artist, designer for Fishbum), Stevie Morrow (Dean/Bulkley River guide, comedian), Ryan Heitz and Roger Baker (M&Y), James Cunningham (North Haven guide and great friend), Rick Whorwood (guide, instructor, fellow GLoomis pro staffer), Chris Seipio (GLoomis/Airflo rep), all the Pieroway boys, and so many more. One of the best things about this industry is all the amazing people. Thanks for another amazing show and more amazing memories.
Until next year!!!!


Kevin Frank said...

The one in Winston-Salem, NC is this weekend. I plan to post a review on my blog. I tried to get April out there but I couldn't get the other TU chapters to go in on funding her trip.

L.M. Schweitzer said...

Next year, I hope to go!