Introducing the Hatch Finatic

I do loooooove Hatch Reels.
I just saw a real life version of the new Finatic today, and it looks so good! Super smooth, tough, and an incredible drag - what more do you want in a reel? Well,  now it's lighter.
The perfect reel.


Girls' Day Out

This is my dear friend Sarah Henry. The one who has pictures of herself fly casting in her wedding dress. The awesome lady who caught a world record rooster fish on her honeymoon. And this is a ridiculous bull trout from her recent trip up to a big lake in the BC interior.

Well, Sarah and her husband recently (finally, Dave!!!) bought themselves a beautiful 20ft HCM jet boat, and have been burning through gas like it costs 39 cents again. That's 39 cents per litre, for the benefit of my friends to the south. Curtis and I went out with them a few weeks ago and helped them dial in on sturgeon, and Dave has been guiding on his days off and loving it. After his first day guiding I believe his words were "Best day of work...EVER."

One thing us better halfs of boat owners have been dreaming about is a girls day out on the water in one of our boats. Sarah and I finally made it happen. In the midst of torrential rain, and  a rising, colouring up river, we met at Island 22 boat launch in Chilliwack. Sarah had just gotten her boater's license the week before, and while she'd driven the boat and trailered it a couple times in Fort Langley, this was her first chance to do it all.

And do it all she did. I was there to offer moral support, a few words of encouragement and the odd suggestion or two. Other than that, I sat on my ass while Super Sarah backed the boat in, drove it off the tailer, parked the truck, drove us up river, pulled in to shore, anchored the boat up, then after fishing for a little while, pushing the boat off, heading to another spot, and finally re-trailering the boat (on her first real attempt - and the river at Island 22 is pushing WAY faster than in Langley). And... we even caught a few fish.

I have to say, I am so proud of her, she kicked ass, and will continue to do so. Sarah is one of those people who makes my life complete, a dear friend who I admire, respect and aspire to be like. And, to top it all off, she loves to fish.

So this post is basically to say congrats to Sarah for her first successful solo trip in her gorgeous new boat. Thanks for taking me with you. Here's to many more fabulous Girls' Day Out.

Check out Sarah and Dave's websites:


A Few Recent Ties.

I just finished a custom order of steelhead flies, and I have to say although they're going to a good home, I will be sad to see them go.