Quick hits...

Congratulations are due for Sarah, who now officially holds the Women's IGFA 8kg Line Class World Record for Roosterfish. Ever since she saw Running Down the Man 2 years ago, Sarah has been dying to catch one of these spectacular fish. And she did it in style last August on her honeymoon.
I'm so proud of you!!


Since the guiding season is at its slowest point, Curtis is able to spend some time playing on the computer, and has made these 2 clips (with limited footage) of two of our favourite rivers. Enjoy.


And thank you to everyone who responded to my previous blog post. Several blogger friends confessed to me privately that I am not alone in my apathy. Re-examining my post I see that I do appear to take it too seriously (a habit I exercise elsewhere in my life) and my intention was not to write a depressing post but rather one to help clarify my feelings, if for only my own sake. After all, its just fishing! A dear friend, Joel, who introduced me to blogging on the now defunct website "Fish Frontiers" sent me this message, which is how I intend to proceed with this site.

"A blog is nothing more than the word bubbles in your head, except released onto a web page. It's supposed to be fun, not a chore. It's an O-U-T-L-E-T. Don't worry about writing what you should write, or what Moldychum, Trout Underground or April Vokey are doing. Release whatever (you're) thinking/feeling/loving/hating/wanting."


And finally Happy New Year everyone. Thank you for sharing a small slice of my life with me, and may you be happy and healthy in 2010.

Now go fishing.

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