Girls just wanna have fun...

Here's an addition to the Xmas list - more trips with the Angels!

Thanks K8 (J.E.) and Whit, its not very often I get to fish with other die hard steelheaders that understand PMS, who also want to put a touch of make up on in the morning before a day on the water, and can alternate between casting talk and relationship talk with ease. Get with the progrum (hehe) ladies, girls trips rock! Not that I don't love fishing with the guys, but there is such a different dynamic between women. These ladies can cast, tow a trailer, row drift boats and fish with the best of them. They will fish from dawn till after dark, and sit around the campfire bullshitting and drinking beer.

They can handle camping in December and falling in the river and continue fishing afterward. They'll decide at 8 pm after fishing all day in the rain to pack up camp on the OP and drive 5 and a half hours to Portland to nap for 3 hours, then get up, drive for another 4 hours to the Umpqua and fish for the remainder of the day. I don't usually like to stereotype anyone, but I have never encountered other women not only willing but happy to do this kind of shit.

We fished our asses off all week, and while the fish rewards were few (okay, almost non existant) I know I had an incredible time. It had been so long since I have had the chance to be out on the water for myself that it was just amazing to be out again. And to look upstream or downstream from me and watch my fishing buddies blast out another amazing cast was the icing on the cake.

So ladies, my hat is off to you for re affirming my belief that women are capable of loving to fish, regardless of species, conditions, time of year, and the obstacles that may fall in their way.

Till next time!!!!!


Justin said...

Nice boat ya got there ;)

k8 said...

Agreed, awesome post!!!
....put a box o' eggs on your xmas list too, you know ya like it dirty... ;)



Great essay!
For some reason, "hardcord" angler have to pair with a unsuccessful fishing trips... and it just make the whole event elevated in a different level... hat off to you guys! Great work!

wht said...

picking up what your putting down, gearing up for another adventure gals-hmm where to?
wht aka whit queen of the typos and complicated phones