A Few Lessons Learned

Bjorn feeding tarpon at Robbie's.
Good sunglasses with the right lens colour make a huge difference for spotting fish, something I usually suck at. I've had good glasses before - Maui's and Smith's and Kaenon's. I recently got a pair of Maui Jims with the HT (High Transmission) lens, and I spotted more fish than I ever have before, anywhere.
Invest in quick dry underwear. It's fantastic to have all the lightweight, quick dry pants and shirts you can imagine, but wet underwear stay wet. For a long time.
Spend as much time on your feet as you can before you go. Otherwise, after two days standing on the bow of a flats boat trying to keep your balance your feet and ankles will hurt and swell up like they've been smashed with a sledgehammer.
Short shots at fish are almost harder than long shots. Okay, not almost, they are harder.
Apparently I say "out" and "about" funny. Never knew that.
Driving with Bjorn is likely to result in some... we'll call them "slight detours".
One of the greatest things you will ever experience is hand feeding the tarpon at a place called Robbie's in Islamorada. If you ever want to feel like a little kid again, you need to go and experience this.
Fishing for Oceanside tarpon will RUIN you. You will get home and not be able to think of anything else, except the fish you saw and had shots at and had follow your fly, and getting back there to do it again.
More to come...

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Bjornorama said...

We did get a tad lost a few times, I guess. I was just thinking of fish and not of driving to them.

Oh, and spot on with the underwear thing. I have gone swimming and been dryer.