After seriously neglecting my blog for the past month, its time for an update. I still have not had a chance to finish up my report on Russia, but here are some firsts and personal bests from the last little while.

My first Atlantics.

My first browns.

My first sea trout.

My first Pike.

My first fly rod sturgeon.

And my biggest sturgeon yet - 8'8".


Anonymous said...

well done! I love that fly rod sturgeon.

Anonymous said...

Was it really on a PINK fly ? you need to show the pattern .

k8 said...

I LOVE all these! And I miss you!

Steelie Mike said...

Looks like you had a wonderful year.

Emily said...

Hello there!

I edit a section of Blood Knot Magazine by and for female fly fishermen with a sense of adventure and an appreciation for the quirky. Judging from what I've read of your blog, you have both, plus a vivid writing style that I'd like to see in my section.

Please e-mail me at emily@bloodknot.net if you're interested in having your work (and blog) featured in our first issue!