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All flies are now priced at $2.00, and there are still quite a few flies available to buy. Remember, this is not about finding the perfect fly, this is about raising money to try to help save an incredible fish species here in BC. It is amazing at the number of people who donated their hand tied creations, many of which are worth much more than they are being sold for, so if you are willing to part with a few bucks out of your pocket for a custom tied fly and a good cause, I would be more than happy to put a selection together for you here at the shop. Call 604-588-2833 or email adrienne@myflyshop.com

For more info on Flies for Fins, check out April's blog here - Flygal Blog


Sandy River Spey Clave

As usual, this event was a total blast, despite the nasty stomach virus that blessed me on Friday hours before my demo (and is still lingering on).

There was a great turnout for the inagural Ladies Day, and it goes without saying that Mia Sheppard and Whitney Gould deserve a huge thank you and job well done for organizing the event. There were way more women present over the weekend than ever before, and with Friday's line up of female presenters and the effervescent Dawn on MC duties for the Clave, the ladies are now an integral part of the weekend. Thanks to Mark Bachmann and his team for giving us this opportunity.

Once again the sun made a strong appearance but this year the river was in beautiful shape. There were some awesome new rods and lines, and, as always, valuable information to be gleaned from the world's best.

Check out Rogue Angels, Metalheads and Flyfishergirl for pictures and tales from the weekend. I even got a chance to sneak away for a few hours to fish and was happily surprised by my first Oregon steelie.

Whit, Mia, Hannah, Dawn, Kati - it was so inspiring to be around you, as always!
K8 - we all missed you terribly... I mean, really, what does Mexico have that we don't?


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