Spey Rods, Spey Reels, and Lines - Oh My!

Have you ever been to a spey clave/spey day/spey gathering? I've been to several - all the M&Y ones and the past two Sandy River Claves. What are these events, you ask? Here is my interpretation: a gathering of like minded individuals to watch, learn, cast and meet new friends. There is an incredible mix of experience levels, from the rank beginner who has barely single hand cast let along thought about spey cast, to some of the best casters in the world. These events are not intimidating in the least - everyone is there for the same reason.
Last year's event.
The M&Y Spey Day started off small - around 50 anglers attended the first year and grew to nearly 200 in attendence throughout the day last year. As usual, we will be having this year's clave at Peg Leg Bar on the Fraser River in Chilliwack, around 20 minutes from the Sumas border crossing and 15 minutes from the Vedder River. The day will start at around 9am and wrap up between 4 and 5pm. This year the executive chef from Queen Charlotte Lodge has kindly volunteered to whip up some fabulous breakfast for everyone (be there at 9:30!) and as usual we will be providing a bbq lunch.

A crowd gathers to watch a demonstration.

Featured demonstrators this year are Tim Rajeff of Rajeff Sports (Echo, Airflo), Steve Choate (world champion spey caster) and Steve Rajeff (G.Loomis rod designer and undisputed best distance caster ever). The day's itinerary hasn't been finalized yet, but there will be several other demonstrations throughout the day.

Product reps such as Chris Seipio (G. Loomis, Airflo, Ross, TFO), Peter Morrison (Sage, Rio), Al Belheumer (Scientific Anglers), Jack Cook (Guideline), Pro Staffers Roger Baker (Scott, Hatch), Tyler Kushnir (CND), Dan McCrimmon (Guideline), M&Y staff Ryan Heitz, Dave O'Brien, Aaron Goodis, Tim Arsenault, Lawrence Vanderven, Steve Morrow and myself will all be on hand to help you out, whether it be matching a line to your rod, finding a new rod, trying a new cast, or just learning to cast in the first place. There will not be any product for sale at this event! The idea is to have a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere - so you don't feel any pressure to pull out your wallet. All the reps and pro staffers will have demo lines and rods to try, so make sure you bring your waders and boots!

Way Yin captivates the crowd.

Directions to Peg Leg Bar can be found here. If you have any questions call the shop at 1-800-663-6407 or email info@myflyshop.com

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Wonderful introduction! I wish I could make the trip happen. Those are all superstars to me!! Thanks for the post!