Quick hits.

Hannah gets the job done, with class and style!

Hell yeah!

PS: I hope to have the conclusion of my adventures in Mexico posted soon, please be patient!


Anonymous said...

In Washington it is illegal to remove a wild steelhead, either intended to be released or required by law, completely from the water.

Kinda sours the moment from something exciting to breaking the law which is a bummer.

hannah said...
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hannah said...

Hey Anonymous, you are right. In the heat of the moment, i had forgotten that. Next time i will be more careful. I have posted my full confession athttp://www.flyfishergirl.com/?p=1009. Thank you for reminding me of the law, and i am sorry for being ignorant.

Spey Angel said...

Just a good reminder for all of us to make sure we are well aware of the regulations when we are fishing new waters. Thanks for responding Hannah.

SheLovesFlyFishing.com said...

Hannah - I feel you! When the adrenaline rushes it's easy to forget law and protocol. That doesn't take away from these beautiful photos - keep doing your dance!


Great gesture! Hannah

Great lesson for us as well!