Rain, Rain Go Away...

After one of the most sensational Octobers ever, weatherwise, the rain has arrived. I figured we were getting off easy this year. I had a couple clients out sturgeon fishing on Oct. 27, and I was wishing I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I got sunburnt. Now we're experiencing true BC weather, which bodes well for the coho fly fishing schools I'm helping out with this weekend. Coho fishing has been tough this year. There have been fish around, but not a huge amount. And those that have returned have been fussy. Probably, in part, due to the lack of rain. But its game on now. Rivers have come up, fresh fish are moving in, stale fish are waking up... The chum are dying off, so you have a reasonable chance of getting your fly in front of a coho without inadvertently hooking a dog. A friend of mine was out today and landed seven. On the fly. And the biggest one he landed was around 16 lbs... and he lost one bigger. So this weekend I will be standing in the pouring rain, hoping to see that slice of chrome come rolling out of the water, wishing it was on the end of my line.

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